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  • Case Study

  • The concept is a wall mounted speaker with two aluminium channels which are connected to an internal track. Between these channels a central dial is suspended. OLED screens are located at the end of each channel, and a matrix of LEDs are located behind the speaker mesh.

  • By mapping music spectrums of the users choice to the x and y axis the system populates all other coordinates with the relevant music. Through moving the central dial the user explores this content. Playlists are defined by tracing paths and defining zones on the surface of the device.

  • UI Prototyping

    It is our belief that simple physical interfaces such as this can move music discovery away from search fields and mouse clicks. That is not to ignore the ecosystem of devices into which such a product would rest. To fully explore the concept we conducted an investigation into how a companion app might function, and into how that app could remotely control and assign musical variables to the master device.