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If youre reading this youve arrived on our new site, all shiny and clean, and youre very welcome.

Ian Walton

It has often been my presumption that designers make the hardest clients and I think I proved this to myself by going through this process, albeit not for the first time. In fact I now firmly believe that every designer should have the experience of being a client every now and then just to turn the tables a little.

We are extremely lucky to have the absolutely brilliant and hugely talented Rob Farrelly designing graphics and building sites for us, not to mention working out of our studio. Despite all of our efforts and instincts to meddle with the process, Rob gave excellent direction and had amazing patience throughout. I can’t recommend/thank him enough. If you are ever lucky enough to work with Rob, keep him filled to the brim with Coke and he’ll listen to even your most ridiculous ideas.

In fact the entire process of getting to this new site has made us feel a little bit lucky and a little bit in awe at every step. On the photography front we worked with Rich Gilligan who Viagra Online Cialis blew us away with every single shot. What might be even more impressive than his work was his ability in making a group of very awkward designers feel somewhat comfortable on the wrong side of a lens. Again, we can’t thank or recommend him enough. Thanks Rich.

So we’re chuffed to bits to finally have a new space in which we can both show some of our recent projects and capture our rambling thoughts, most of which will probably have very little to do with design (directly). We’ve gained quite the crew of talented people working out of our studio as a direct result of the process, so this is also a belated welcome to Rob, Rich and Sean.

We can’t wait to see how the site evolves over time with the addition of more content, and we are open to absolutely any feedback you might have. Off topic slightly we will be launching another site and company in the coming weeks, also worked on by the same team. I really can’t thank them all enough.